Why should I choose 18K gold for custom jewelry?

The 18K gold is a type of gold that offers practicality in terms of price and usability.

Compared to 22K or 24K gold, the 18K gold is durable but more affordable.

Gold in higher karats can easily bend or scratch and the reason why the 18K gold is the best material option for your custom jewelry.

A custom or personalized jewelry is a unique piece that embodies your story and individuality.

It could also serve as a testament to a message that you want to be conveyed and remembered.

As much as possible, you want to choose a material that’s not overly expensive, hard-wearing, and of value for your personal custom jewelry to be extra special.

All these requirements are present in an 18k gold and more.

Aside from the typical yellow, the 18K gold also comes in rose and white colors which means that there is enough variety that can match any taste and style.

Here are the Top Five (5) Reasons Why 18K Gold is the Best Option for Custom Jewelry:


(1) Durability

The 18K gold is composed of 18 parts gold and 6 parts alloy.

Gold is a precious metal that's extremely malleable that it can bend and scratch easily.

The presence of alloy in the 18k gold makes the material stronger and durable.

It is a perfect combination that will suit any wearable jewelry.

A piece of custom jewelry made of 18k gold is strong enough that it can be kept for a long time even if it's frequently used.


(2) Purity

Purity is a very important factor when it comes to buying gold as well as choosing the type of gold for your custom jewelry.

Choosing a gold material in lesser karats means that you're settling for a type of gold that's made up mostly of cheaper materials.

If you want to make your custom jewelry special, the 18k gold is the best option because it is reasonably pure, valuable, and priced.


(3) Appearance

An 18k gold is more attractive compared to the other types of gold which make it a great material option for any type of jewelry.

Compared to the 22K or 24K gold type, 18K gold has a richer yellow color that's closest to people's perception of gold.

Pure gold is more orange than yellow in color making it less desirable aesthetically.

Compared to 10K or 14K gold, 18K gold has a more intense color because it has higher gold contents than the lower karats.

In terms of appearance, the 18K gold is no doubt the best and most fashionable option for your custom jewelry.


(4) Comfortability

It is highly important that custom jewelry is made up of material that's comfortable to use.

If it can cause you itchy rashes, then that will defeat the purpose of your jewelry because you would not want to wear it.

Allergic contact dermatitis caused by nickel is a type of allergy that affects 17% of women and 5% of men population.

With 18k gold custom jewelry, the chance of getting this allergic reaction is reduced since the presence of nickel in this type of gold is very minimal.


(5) Practicality

The gold content in an 18K gold is just enough for it to be effectively used as a piece of fashionable jewelry that's both sturdy and valuable.

It is not as expensive as pure gold which makes it a practical option. Most importantly, it is hard-wearing which means that it offers great value for your money.

This makes your 18k gold custom jewelry a possible heirloom piece that you can pass on for your family's future generations.

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