Do white gold rings wear out easily?

White gold is chemically very stable and does not tarnish.

However, the hardness of white gold is not high, and compared with gold and 18K gold, their hardness from high to low is 18K gold > white gold > yellow gold.

And whether the surface of white gold rings will wear, there are several situations.

1. Collision with hard objects

All precious metals may leave wear scratches after collision with other hard substances, and white gold is no exception, and the hardness of white gold is not high, and the wear marks produced by the collision with hard objects may be more obvious.

2. Daily wear

If the white gold ring has been worn on the hand, may also be in the daily work of rubbing the surface of the ring. And the small particles in the air will also rub the surface of the white gold ring, making it appear wear and tear.

3. Place it properly

If you don't have the habit of wearing a ring, white gold rings are placed in a jewelry box after you buy them. In this case, white gold rings are generally not worn out.

In a word, if you often wear the white gold ring, is relatively easy to wear.

However, when a white gold ring is worn, the volume does not decrease, only the metal is displaced, so the overall value of the ring is not greatly affected.

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