What kinds of gold jewelry classifications are there?

Gold jewelry classification usually has the following kinds.

1. Pure gold jewelry

The gold content of pure gold jewelry actually does not reach 100%, the gold content of pure gold is about 99.9%, because the texture of gold is not so hard, if only pure gold for jewelry, the surface is easy to wear, time is also easy to deformation, so the real use of pure gold for jewelry is actually very little, usually added with other metal components.

2. K gold jewelry

We often hear the "K gold" actually refers to the addition of silver, copper and other components of gold jewelry, in which the composition of gold is relatively high, the content of other metals is actually very little.

After adding a small amount of other metals, the hardness and flexibility of gold will be enhanced, and can be changed into other colors, so that the plasticity of gold is higher, is actually more popular.

Generally speaking, the gold content of 1K is about 4.166%, and the usual 24K refers to the gold jewelry with 99.9% gold content, which shows that the gold content is very high.

In the gold jewelry, the more common is 18K gold, its gold content is about 75%.

3. Gold-plated jewelry

Gold-plated jewelry is in the jewelry surface plated with a layer of 24K gold, the internal is actually other alloy components, and does not contain gold.

And the thickness of this layer of gold plating is only 3-5 microns, and can not be considered a real gold jewelry.

4. Gold-clad jewelry

The surface of the gold-clad jewelry is a layer of gold foil, the thickness is between 10-50 microns, the internal is still other alloy components, also can not be considered the real gold jewelry.

Its value is relatively higher than gold plating, and from the appearance also looks very much like the real gold jewelry.

Some unscrupulous businessmen use gold-clad jewelry to pretend to be pure gold, so you must look carefully when choosing.

5. Imitation gold

Imitation gold does not contain a bit of gold, all are alloy composition, can only be called a decorative items, does not have any collection and investment value.

As its appearance also looks similar to the real gold, if it is not know people will be very easy to see wrong, so we must recognize the gold certificate when buying jewelry, do not be deceived by the appearance.

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