How to choose the right 18k gold diamond ring?

In the process of choosing a wedding ring, the choice of wedding ring material can make the choice indecisive, but if you want your ring to be dazzling enough to be stylish and have the same hardness as a platinum ring, then 18k gold diamond ring is definitely your favorite thing.

Many people are interested in the nature of 18k gold, hardness and toughness is very strong, can make the design and production of diamond rings more sophisticated, more rich style.

In addition, 18k gold comes in a variety of colors, including 18k yellow, rose gold, and 18k white.

18K gold is a lower cost and more comfortable to wear, rose gold has a very fashionable, beautiful rose red color, suitable for fashionable people to choose; and 18K white color is clean and white.

18K white is white in color, hardness and toughness similar to platinum, often mistaken for platinum, and therefore people feel that it is a better alternative to platinum.

When choosing an 18k gold diamond ring, first of all, you need to carefully check whether the ring has any obvious processing defects such as trachoma, burr, porosity, cracks and inclusions, whether the surface is bright and clean, no filing, scraping, hammering and other processing traces, welding to ensure a solid, no false welding, welding leakage and obvious welding scars, and the design needs to be reasonable and durable.

Secondly, be sure to pay attention to the stamp on the ring, the general precious metal jewelry stamp should be clear and easy to identify, the content must include the name of the precious metal material and content, the buyer should pay attention to the verification of the precious metal jewelry purchase.

The last thing to note is that 18K gold is hard and not easy to drop diamonds, but when shopping for large carat diamonds, you should still pay attention to the way the diamond ring is set and avoid choosing a style that is easy to drop diamonds.

In addition, is to do a good job of cleaning and maintenance, 18 karat gold because of its nature factors, if a long time to wear but improper cleaning and maintenance, no regular care will appear fading phenomenon.

18k gold is a lot of newcomers will choose to do wedding ring bracket material, the current era of young lovers advocate individuality fashion, therefore, the diamond ring custom model more popular, if particularly fond of 18k gold diamond ring may first understand some of the knowledge of how to buy 18k gold diamond ring, so as to ensure that the purchase of a tend to be perfect diamond ring.

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