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TDC™ Customized Jewelry - Drawings of Renderings


We will customize your jewelry according to your ideas, handcrafted by professional craftsmen, and provide a perfect service.

You can visit our instagram to see more styles for reference, and of course, as you know, we can customize any style of 18k gold jewelry.

When your purchase is complete, we will contact you via the email address you left when you made your purchase, or you can take the initiative to contact us.

To customize a complete product, please visit our custom jewelry page.

Please note: This page is only for use with orders for the production of renderings, as we incur significant labor costs to produce them, but when you are satisfied with our renderings and purchase jewelry from our store, we will deduct the cost of producing the renderings from that order, as we offer free customization service to all customers who place orders in the TDC store.


How do we make our products?