Affiliate Program/Agents Program

TDC is a self-owned brand integrating sales and manufacturing.

We are committed to providing users with perfect customized products and impeccable services.

TDC has been open to everyone since its inception.

We welcome any customers who are willing to promote TDC custom jewelry to cooperate with us.

We provide different cooperation methods for KOL/KOC or agents.

Note: This program does not include users who have joined TDC affiliate. The final right of interpretation belongs to TDC Jewellery.


To better promote our high-quality customized jewelry products, and allow users who like customized jewelry to obtain this exquisite and personalized jewelry through more channels, we decided to launch an affiliate program.

This will be a beneficial plan for all three parties.

You can become our partner by registering our affiliate account.

We will generate an independent link bound to your affiliate account for you.

You can link the link to Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest or YouTube and other social platforms.

  • For promoters who join the TDC affiliate program

When customers buy our products through their affiliate promotion links, they will get a commission of 5% of the sales (take $450 for example, each order sold will receive a commission of $22.5 )

  • For customers

They will get a discount of $15

  • For TDC

We will get more sales, of course, more importantly, there will be more people getting better quality products than other stores.

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Become a TDC agents:

We are very confident and proud of our manufacturing technology.

Through our leading craftsmanship and many masters with more than ten years of jewelry making experience, we have produced high-quality customized products that are far ahead of our peers, so you can rest assured of manufacturing technology Leave it to us, we can guarantee the perfect production of high-quality products that meet your requirements.

To ensure that our agents can have the cost advantage, we decided to launch an agents program.

We will give you a discount of at least 10%-20% according to the number of your wholesale products in TDC. Of course, it all depends on the number of products you decide to buy.

The more you buy from us, the more you will get a High discount, our lowest wholesale quantity is 5 products.

Join our agency plan, you will become a partner of TDC, when we have a new product launch, you will first obtain the right to use our new products, agency rights, of course, we guarantee that you will get more than that.

How to become a TDC agents?

You only need to contact us by email or fill in your information through the form below and inform us that you want to become an agents of TDC.

TDC will have dedicated staff to serve you, and we will follow the number of products you have purchased, To generate an exclusive discount code for you, when you complete this order, you will become our partner.