About the TDC brand

In 2013, Katy Perry and her husband ended their 10-year long love affair and the two decided to enter into marriage together, after which Katy Perry gave birth to her and her husband's first baby in 2014.

As a new mother, Katy Perry especially wanted to give her child a souvenir.

However, Katy Perry searched all over Amazon as well as Walmart, eBay and other platforms, but never found a souvenir that met her wishes, "I was so disappointed", Katy Perry said helplessly.

cute baby holding milk bottle

Looking at her beautiful and lovely child, Katy Perry could not let go of her obsession and decided to make a souvenir for her child herself.

As a girl who likes to dress herself up very well every day, Katy Perry likes jewelry more than other girls, so Katy Perry had an idea that she could record her child's name, fingerprints, date of birth, birth weight and other information, engrave it on top of the jewelry, and make a custom piece of jewelry for her child.

baby footprint

"It's a good idea", Katy Perry said, "when I carve the child's name, fingerprints, date of birth, birth weight and other information on the jewelry so that even if the child grows up later, he is like with me".

Carving jewelry may be a crafty job, but it just so happens that Katy Perry has a keen interest in crafts, "and of course, it's a slightly challenging thing to do," Katy Perry said excitedly.

So, after a period of learning, Katy Perry finally made the perfect piece of jewelry for her child by the hand.

Happy mom, dad and baby

Katy Perry shared these things on Instagram and soon got the approval of many new mothers.

Among them, nearly 50% of the new mothers expressed their desire to customize a piece of jewelry for their children and asked Katy Perry if she could help customize it and they would pay Katy Perry part of the production cost, which Katy Perry said she was very surprised.

Katy Perry felt it was a very meaningful thing to do, "I was able to help them make a keepsake for their child".

Baby's lovely hands and feet

But Katy Perry felt it would be difficult to do this well just by herself, "I wanted to do this well, I wanted to serve them well, but there were too many of them and I only had one, which was obviously not enough".

So, Katy Perry and her husband talked about it for a while and decided to create a business that focused on custom jewelry.

They visited many places and asked many people for advice.

Finally, they were inspired to establish the TDC brand in China while visiting various French jewelry brands because of the amazing manufacturing capacity of the Chinese factories, which can produce a wide range of beautiful products quickly and with high quality.

TDC Jewellery Logo

TDC is the abbreviation of "Treasure Darling & Children", TDC hopes to preserve the memories of mothers for their children forever.