How are custom jewelry made?

How TDC works? 

We combine innovative custom design techniques with traditional hand made manufacturing to provide you with beautifully crafted high quality jewelry.

How to customize TDC jewelry?

We will make an electronic model based on the photos you send us, and confirm with you, and then make it by hand according to the electronic model.

You can check our detailed steps.

tdc jewellery detailed steps

Create a memorable item, for any occasion, for anyone.

Celebrate the moment of life by making fully customized gold jewelry!

You can add your baby's name, date, weight, blessings, etc. to TDC products.

You can also add your baby's footprints, handprints, fingerprints and other characteristic information to customize the carving to complete your unique TDC piece.

These personalized gold jewels are a great way to commemorate birthdays, anniversaries or special milestones!

We are proud of each of our carefully crafted products.

This is why we spare no effort to ensure that the recipient of each TDC product is satisfied.

Go ahead, create something unique.



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